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accessbank.cm@accessbankplc.com is not an email service but a corporate website. Registration is not required but is available to visitors interested in receiving our newsletters and email updates. Visitors are permitted to register and in doing so provide only email addresses. All activities are considered private and are not recorded. Access Bank Cameroon Plc does not provide any user information to any 3rd party.

accessbank.cm@accessbankplc.com does not use any form of cookies to track your activities while using any portions of the application. Unlike other portal services such as Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

accessbank.cm@accessbankplc.com is truly unique since you are not required to register to use the website. Registration with other services does provide some advantages for regular users, however, it certainly increases the possibility for a privacy breach. In many, the most common result is being subjected to annoying spam messages simply because you registered for a service.

accessbank.cm@accessbankplc.com does not compromise any corporate security policies. Our application was entirely architected with a Corporate IT department in mind. Security is always considered highly important. 

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